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HarmonicForex.com is proud to present the Patterns Into Profits Course, a premiere Forex education course designed to help you profit from the Forex market using Harmonic patterns.

With Scott Carney, the father of Harmonic Trading officially on our team now, you are guaranteed to learn only the most authentic, the most comprehensive Harmonic trading knowledge in Asia.

What is Harmonic Trading?


 Harmonic Trading is an advanced trading system which combined the work of many famous technicians over the past 100 years, to help traders understand the most optimal time to buy and sell in the financial markets. These are some of the technicians which contributed to the development of this system.

  1. Charles Dow (Dow Theory)

  2. W.D Gann (Gann Theory)

  3. R.N Elliot (Elliot Waves Theory)

  4. Richard Wckyoff (VSA Theory)

  5. Bryce Gilmore (Geometry of Markets)

Combining the knowledge of the above technicians together with Fibonacci ratios, we are able to consistently identify high probability turning points in the market.

A trading system is nothing without real results. Scott Carney have back-tested this system all the way back into the 1900s, and I am glad to share that it worked wonders too. The Harmonic trading community is also growing exponentially throughout the world, a testament of how effective it has been to help traders profit from the market.

Harmonic Forex was founded in 2011 and is Singapore’s top financial Business School. So far, the institute has recruited more than 1000 participants in Asia specifically emphasizing the use of Harmonic trading system to profit from the financial markets. Harmonic trading strategies can be used for a variety of financial markets (Forex, gold / silver, oil, stock index, etc.) and can create low risks, high profits performance.


Harmonic Forex profit performance

2015.01 GBP / CHF pound against the Swiss franc               


Black swan event

In January 2015 the British pound moved against the Swiss franc on an unexpected black swan event and caught most of the banks, volume providers and professional investors by surprise, causing significant losses. In their analysis through Harmonic System, they successfully earned more than ten thousand dollars.


          2015.06 GBP / CAD British Pound against the Canadian currency      


In June 2015 the pound against the Canadian dollar, HarmonicForex team earned 700 points profit, and profit 61.8% in 2013, 2014 and 104% profit superior results.


Our recent trade calls:

Our recent call to short the USDJPY where we risked 2% loss but in 3 days, we hit all our profit targets to return 9.1%.

USDJPY_H4_Shark Pattern

On the other hand, we use FormationSeeker to give us intra-day trading opportunities on the lower time frame.  Here on the 5min chart for EURGBP, we hit all profit targets within 3 hours.


Students testimonials

This course currently has nearly two thousand students, which comes from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and so on, Taiwan’s first course was held in 2016. This is a very rare opportunity to experience an advanced yet user-friendly system that can deliver profits consistently, do not hesitate any longer.

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